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BrownIedMissJ (profile) wrote,
on 6-1-2005 at 9:47pm
Subject: poems

Words that rhyme
Mean nothing
Why rhyme when no one talks that way
Itís worthless to try and sit and think
Pulling out words you would never use
So to me poetry
Means nothing

When I write an essay do you want it to rhyme
Or do you want to hear what I really have to say
Do you want to know what I learned from Dr. Sues or Dr. King?
Try to understand this ďproseĒ as poets say
Iím very opinionated and wise beyond years
And I donít want poetry to carry on past me
Sorry if I offend some but to me poetry
Means nothing

And I call him Poetry

Let me tell you how I meet this boy
And whenever I see him he brings effortless joy
No material things that usually give me glee
Those smiles and lips no longer interest me

I wish I might imitate his sensuous flow
But every time I see him he has something to let me know
He can flip a switch give me Light or Dark
Straps me into an emotional roller coaster only if I embark
Upon his words

Heíll ride and embrace every curve, swerve and dip
The balance of differences never seem to tip
He is flexible enough to match my flavor
From a zesty to sweet all of them he can savor

Donít make my words speak let them sing
Let me start again from the very beginning
Let the whole world know
In short he is simply so Divine and Lovely
And I call him Poetry


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