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Kate (profile) wrote,
on 5-31-2005 at 10:29pm
hm.. you're all changing so much.
"Things do not change, we change." - H.D. Thoreau
I don't like Thoreau, but I like that quote. Change isn't always a bad thing, so I'm glad most of you are. Congratulations on graduating, my former senior friends. Even for those who didn't graduate, it's like they've entered a new life or way of thinking. So congratulations to those as well. I can't forget any of you.. and if there's a memory you have with me but you think I probably don't remember it.. I probably do, and it was probably special to me. All of my memories are, even if they mean close to nothing now. I know I'm not close to.. any of you.. anymore, but I'm glad I knew you. Don't forget me, please. Good luck in college, or sitting at home if you're done with school.
hm.. well.. goodbye, God bless..

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