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kreyz (profile) wrote,
on 6-2-2005 at 12:03am
Never Realized that stealing from your own girlfriend is fun! WHO STOLE IT FROM TREVOR!


Have you ever...

01. Smoked a cigarette: yes
02. Do you smoke? Not Cigarettes

03. Snorted coke: no
04. Smoked weed: Fuck Yeah
05. Been high: yes
06. Had sex: yes
07. Said "I hope you die" to someone? yes
08. Tried to kill yourself: no
09. Gotten in a fist fight: no
10. Lied to your parents: yes
11. Broken a bone: no
12. Lied to your friends: yes
13. Bit someone: yes
14. Bungee jumped: no
15. Been skydiving: no
16. Gotten drunk: yes
17. Gotten totally wasted: yes
18. Given someone a bruise: Yes
19. Skinny-dipped: yes
20. Driven illegally: yes
21: Finished with someone: yes

22. Freak danced: yes
23. Shoplifted: yes
24. Cut yourself: yes
25. Skipped school: no
26. Hung up on someone: yes... Fuckin' Telemarketters

27. Gone commando: yes
28. Thrown up at school: yes

29. Made yourself throw up: no
30. Flashed someone: yes
31. Done anything sexual with/for opposite sex for beads: No, but I've heard Mardi Gras is nice
32. Had a burping contest: yes
33. Snuck out: no
34. Been to a school dance: yes
35. Thought your teacher was hot: yes
36. Had an eating disorder: no
37. Masturbated: yes
38. Had an online relationship: yes
39. Had cyber sex: yes
40. Taken nude pictures of yourself: no
41. Had surgery: no
42. Seen a therapist: yes
43. Farted loud and people heard: who hasnt
44. Burped louder than a guy: i think so
45. Done the splits: no
46. Played spin the bottle: yes
47: Grinded: yes, and It was fun with Morgan!
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