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goose (profile) wrote,
on 6-3-2005 at 10:20am
Blah Senior assembly was today, and BAcklight Banguet was last night. I didnt cry today or last night, its very suprising. I would have cried last night if the end of the year video was better, but it was all actors, acting and such. So that had no affect on me. In the senior video today there were parts where i was dancing in pep band. And there were a lot of times where i was like hey! i was standing right next to that person but i got cut off. And of course there was the part with me and david from turnabout. And now im in the library because i dont know what to do, and i didnt want to do anything i wanted to just sit in the music department but they wouldnt let anyone sign in so im here. But im alone i dont know where patrice went. Which is why i am tlaking to myself in this wornderful journal entry. so today is the last day of school. and the bell just rang and i dont know what that means, no one is moving. I still have to sit here in severe boredom for much longer. poop.
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