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blair (profile) wrote,
on 6-5-2005 at 7:45am
Current mood: Sleepy.
Subject: It's undeniable, that we should be together..
I was informed that I fail to update my woohu journal often enough.

.... I'm sorry

Right now, I'm in a major transitional stage. I'm going to switch colleges, probably go back to community college (Cal-Poly is NOT cutting it, with the schedule of classes, drama in the CEIS dept., and a lack of ECE). I want to double major in education and early childhood education. I can do that (even at Mt. Sac!). I can pick up an Associate's degree in ECE and then transfer (maybe back to Cal-Poly, even). But at least I'll have some units in ECE - which makes my d r e a m of running my own daycare, someday, all the more likely to come true.

I might move to New Jersey, though. My friends wonder why the hell I'd go to Jersey. Two of the four people who matter the most to me in my life LOVE the idea, so I'm inclined to give it a try. It's just huge. And I think I'd prefer to rent a house with my friends, and stay local. I know change is good, but I'm hesitant. And I'll miss my friends something awful.

Axel and I picked up two more birds in Northridge. Paris and Pericles. They are super cute.

My hosting company decided to go out of business without notifying their customers. The man who originally owned the company (and sold it) has now made it his personal mission to help all of the customers who were royally screwed by AMZ WEB. I need to find out what's going on with that.

I'm fostering seven cats right now. Tinkerbell came along first (May 16th), and then Guenevere and Morgan showed up the next day when I went to clean cages for Cats In Need. Drama ensued. Things are okay, now. My father is in love with Morgan. Then on Wednesday morning, Sammy showed up to our house bleeding. He's a stray. $125 in vet bills later (ohyeah, but the vet gave us a steal of a deal) - and a $38 neuter behind him.. he's on antibiotics for another two weeks. He was mauled by a dog, and it got infected badly. Yesterday, I was at Cats In Need to sign a foster contract for Sammy, and I was told that three kittens were dumped. They bought a cage, a litter box, some food, and some litter - and home they came! Seven cats are caged (we have six of our own). They all get let out to play several times a day. And they're healthy/happy. I'm working on these new three - Artemis (twice the size of the other two), Athena, and Aphrodite. aw. <3

Finals are this week. I only care about one class. The other two - fuck it. Honest. I'm leaving Cal-Poly and they're non-transferable, anyway. I'll make up for it somewhere else. I will finish college. Whether it's in California or New Jersey. I might take a year off. I need a full time job.

I made the front page of The Poly Post this past week. I got married. To a beautiful girl. (Marriage Equality day co-sponsored by NOW and TRES.)
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