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Kreyz (profile) wrote,
on 6-6-2005 at 6:04pm
Current mood: Thinking
Music: The bleeps, creeps, and the sweeps in my brain cuz i'm thinking...
I had to leave early from work again today. I hate these allergies. I keep getting sinus headaches, and even regular Tylenols aren't helping the pressure subside. It usually starts around 1030 and ends whenever I go home and get to sleep.

Before that, though, I spoke with Tom about the possible idea of sometime, moving out of the apartment. I look around here, and I see so much change going on. Tom and I have lived in this 2 bedroom apartment, Trevor just moved in early May... Hes brought in his stuff. If it wasn't for them, Morgan wouldn't have moved in with us, either. And she's moved in with us, lived with us since mid May. She's brought in her stuff, and its a lot of stuff... Mostly clothing, but being a woman, that I can understand, cuz women always have a ton of clothing.

But I look at it from a couple of views. Theres four people living here, plus theres belongings that belong to four separate people. There is a lot of stuff coming from all four of us, and I honestly see that with two people that moved in with Tom and I within a month, I don't know how much stuff can be left here to fit into this apartment. I feel that sometime, we may need to expand our living area.

So I threw the idea of saving up some money between the four of us, and when we get the money, we withdraw it all and buy ourselves a house. He said that rather than buying one, we should just rent one out, because that way, the Landlord would be the one who fixes everything. I've been in a housing rental situation, but that was when I was 4, and the Landlord was stupid, couldn't fix shit... plus my mom and I were living in the ghetto, so nothing got fixed, ever...

I have no problem with that idea right now, renting a house. We could use something like a 2 story house, and rent it out for a while... But there are some things that would need changing... like all four of us having full-time jobs or something. I know that Trevor wants a new job, Tom is on his way to becoming an assistant manager at the video store, and I know how much Morgan loves to work at The Bib in Gun Lake. I'm happy with my job right now... cuz it's full time.

But honestly, I do have to say that with four people living together, we definately need more space. Especially Morgan and I because I really wouldn't mind having Tom's Mom's waterbed... but theres really not much room in my bedroom to fit it in, Tom says... Sure, I can re-arrange the room, but there isn't anything in there that I don't want to pitch.

This is something that all four of us have to discuss on a very serious matter. Not that I have a problem living in an apartment with my girlfriend and two brothers, but I think that at some point or another, all four of us will have so much stuff that we can't even get back into the apartment to live in it! Tom suggested that we all talk about this, especially after the Gathering. Possibly some time in August. I dont know how its gonna pan out, but still, it is an idea, and I hope that it would be ok with the other three... I know that it seems kinda soon, because of Trevor and Morgan moving in so recently, but I honestly didn't see this much stuff being crammed into an apartment...


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