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xunspokenxfearszx (profile) wrote,
on 6-9-2005 at 1:47pm
Current mood: okay
Music: Nothing
Subject: Summer ` 05
Summer is almost here and i cant f-ing wait ...... i have to go to summer school though which kinda sucks ... but its all good... i can work on my tan better l0l and lose those pound that i put on over the past few years .. l0l .. even though every one is telling me not to ..
Megan should be done school this year .. so she is finially going to be bring my puppy back .. and hes not a puppy any more .. hes 4 years old as of today -Happy Birthday Casper- Yes.. i know when my gods birthday is .. and we have a party for him .. cept i cant be there cuz hes in flordia with my sister.. and i miss him .. but i will get over it .. i think that my sister and her boyfriend darren are going to get married .. shes been with him for almost 4 years ... which is long for her ...
My dad is still sick and my mom is still being a bitch .. my mom-mom is pissed cuz my poppop got to meet charlie and she didnt .. and im now sure when she will meet him .. i mean we have only been dating for a week .. as of today .. sine 6-2-05 .. joey is going out with eric .. i think its been like almost over a month now .. shannnon is still dating justin .... but she hasnt talked to him for over 2 weeks .. i dont know .. me and shannon have been hanging out more lately .. like going to the mall and stuff .. its kewl .. cuz for a while there we were like growing apart and now ....... its like we cant be apart from each other .. like yesterday we had this fire and every ... and i didnt see shannon and like after me, joey, eric and char were going up to the 7 eleven and shannon was there ... and we like got all happy and stuff .. we were like screaming i thought you died .. it was so funny .. so i walked home to her house with her then she walked to my house with me ... it was a long walk .. like we got out of school early and stuff .. like around 12:40-ish and we didnt get to my house till 2 .. so yeah .. and it was hot as crap yesterday ... and i was wearing pants ... and a black jacket type thing .. so yeah .. its all good .. l0l .. well im going to go cuz im in school ..
*Huggles and Kissers*
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