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THEhairybeast (profile) wrote,
on 6-12-2005 at 8:38pm
Current mood: tired
Music: queen. you know it
Subject: last update was gayyy
hm. im at danielles<3
and we had a ..tiring but fun weekend. left my house around 6 to drive down to wildwood. got there, found it entirely too awkward to ask my uncle to stay on the spot. so we just asked to leave our stuff on the porch. then um.. went on the boards till like 1O. called zach, who was supposed to come down but was too tired. so we just ended up chillen at this pizza place on the corner from the shore house until like mad late and then goin back to the porch. slept outside on the deck with no blankets or pillows. just the cold and hard wood. =( .. woke up mad early. went around back to ask to use the bathroom and my uncles new wife decided to tell us that we couldnt use it. she thought we were just some random people. then we were walkin down the street to go to the diner or something and my uncle whistled for us. so he let us in. they fed us. and we all left. went on the boards. maddddd bike riders. haha. there were people ridin there bikes around there alllll throughout the nite. then we went to the beach after figuring out how to change into our bathing suits with no bathroom. corey was a sissy and didnt want to take off his shirt or w.e so we went in without him. walked the 5 mile hike back to the boards. then ended up walkin around. finallyyy found the 99 cent pizza and 99 cent burger place. we looked for it for soo long. we got picked up around like 4 somethin by danielels parents. cus zach didnt feel like comin down in the morning either. went back to my house. went to the mall. then back to my house and everyone left. and i came back here. and thats where we leave off. today we just chilled here.

i have to assist. goodbye
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