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shiznit05 (profile) wrote,
on 6-13-2005 at 9:34am
Current mood: tired
its been so long...i just never knew what to write in here, this journal isn't as easy as it used to be

so much has happened since i last updated though, i wont really go into a lot of detail though

my track career is now over, well maybe, i still havent decided if theres a spot for my on the college track team or not, it'll be weird to be on a team with the megans or amy or kelly...idk, but the end was bittersweet, i was ready for track to be over, but as i stepped out of the circle for the last time, im not gonna lie, tears started to form in my eyes, and coach and dad thought i was crying because i was upset with the outcome, but that wasnt the case at all, i wsas just sad because it was over. the track banquet was the other wasnt as heartfelt as it used to be....people had exams the next morning and the nba finals were on that night...everyone was trying to hurry it along...idk, i guess i was expecting more, but coach had a lot of night things to say, and i got my fourth year letter, a nice plaque with my picture :) i'm going to miss track...

mom left saturday afternoon for florida....she grandma and vicky flew down, vicky and mom will be back thusday though, grandma needed to get back and tie up some loose picking grandpa up from the funeral home..that craks me up that he's still there, if he was still alive i could just here him complaining about grandma and her procrastination...'Jesus Christ, Betty, just go pick the damn thing up'...God, i miss him...i still tear up if i think about it too much

high school is now over...graduation had come and gone...and im still sitting here feeling like a 10 yr old. my parents still baby me, they still spoil me, i like to think i could go out there and take care of myself, but i really dont know...going out there and failing scares me, i know have to make that risk though, idk, its just weird to think about. the graduation ceremony was nice though, really warm, and pictures afterwards were crazy! i didnt find everyone i wanted though, i was really close to getting him, but when i grabbed for him i missed, oh well, whats meant to be will happen

after graduation we went to megans one last time for a 'friday night'. it was awesome, everyone was there, and everyone was in a great mood

saturday was insane. soooo many grad parties. megan, sara, kalyn, kaylene carrie and i all went around to each party...they were all very lovely...i really liek grad parties, you get a tiny peek into the lives of people you wouldnt really take that peek with....drew came and gave his final goodbye at DD&J's, i was so sad, i could not leave for the entire summer two days after graduation...he is one strong kid...i cant wait to go visit him

nelson's grad party was last night...daniel and i hung out by the fire and just chatted...i love daniel chats, we started out with a heart to heart, then moved on to college, then people, then problems, then life in was awesome, then other people started to come by the fire, so we kinda had to stop...but at least i have daniel in college with me, so we can have a lot of those...daron too, i love chatting with daron, i just wish megan wouldnt be so far away...she's another chatter i love, and sara...ugh...i hate it when people leave....

i guess thats all...i'll try to keep this up a little more

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