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unbleachedblond (profile) wrote,
on 6-14-2005 at 9:27am
Current mood: awake
im so tired of spanky's. i havent had a day off since last wednesday and they work me to the fuckin bone. it's annoying because, yes i need the hours but why cant they give me all 9-10 hour shifts instead of these dinky 6 hour ones. i guess i cant complain tho cuz im getting 30+ hours/weekly. i need to find another job but im too lazy.

speaking of another job. both me and manda got calls back from the good ol' michigan's adventures. its such a high school job, but money's money. manda's interview is wed, i need to call the lady, cuz im always workin when they call. if i get this job, maybe i can afford to go to school in the fall...seeing as how my other paychecks are getting accumulated for rent.

i felt like such a loser last nite. i always watch a movie before i go to bed. and the lucky one was 28 Days with sandra bullock. so here i am, laying on the couch in the dark, crying like a baby. *shakes head*

hailey's 11 month birthday was yesterday. she's getting so big. i love her so much. she's my world.

brandy gets home june 16th from russia.

birthday bash is saturday!
and im bringing a whole new meaning to the word albino.
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