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chuckitatthewall (profile) wrote,
on 6-14-2005 at 9:51pm
Music: "yes the river knows" -the doors
Dude its fucking pissing me off how the Giants dont appreciate Snow. He is the best fucking first baseman to ever play for the giants and they dont treat him with the respect he deserves. He deserves to be the every day starter and he deserves higher pay than what hes getting. Every fucking time I think hes got the starting role they find some shitty ass rookie who tries to take his fucking place and does for a few months and then they put him in occasionally. Its not fucking right. He's been there for the Giants whenever they fucking needed him and what does he get for it?? ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING! Lance Niekro the bitch who only got to the major leagues because of his name is trying to take his spot. Hes batting better than Snow right now but lets face reality- Snow has more experience and knows how to play his position. The bitchy ass Niekro was a fucking 3rd baseman before but they converted him to first base because they already have a back up 3rd baseman. Fuck that. Turn him into a fucking pitcher cause thats what the fucking giants need right now. They've got a solid first baseman..why the hell can't they leave it alone??! OH my fucking god. It just makes me so mad because Snow deserves more respect than hes getting and the managment is so fucking money hungry they don't care how the hell team goes. I bet Lance Niekro's dad went in there and paid some money to get him to start everyday. So fucked up! IT FUCKING PISSES ME OFF! Today Niekro hurt his left big toe. I hope he fucking broke it and can't play for a few weeks. With Snows luck it will be a minor bruise and be gone in 2 days and Snow will face his fucking assignment of being the most talented first baseman ever to be benched. I dont fucking give a shit if that didnt make any sense cause in my head it did and its not like anyone would fucking read this cause no one cares about baseball these days except for dudes that have brains! FUCKING GIANTS MANAGMENT SHOULD FUCKING ROT IN HELL! I think i must have written that a million times in different places. These are Snow's quotes about this whole fucked up situation: "He said 'they' -- whoever that is -- want to see if Lance can play every day," Snow said. "He'll get a lot of playing time this trip. But I'm just a player and I don't make decisions. If I'm in the lineup, I play." "It seems like an annual thing with me," he said. "That's just the way it goes. I hope for nothing but the best for Lance. He's going to be a good player. I'll root the team on the best I can."

Hes such a great player. If I was on his team I would fucking wash his nasty socks for him and shine his cleats after every game just to show him how much I appreciate his attitude and his talent. Those quotes show how well he deals with all the fucking shit that the Giants put him through. I bet when he talks to his wife on the phone he yells and says all the shit that I've said except different cause its happening to him. Hes just really good with the press cause he knows whatever he says goes in the papers or on the internet and then the managment reads it. I gotta pray for Snow. I know that if you pray for bad things to happen to other people they never do so I wont try that. IF ANYONE WHO BELIEVES IN ANY SORT OF GOD READS THIS PLEASE PRAY THAT SNOW WILL PLAY MORE!

Ok...I'm done...for now. I might be back later to complain about this again.
Oh yea..Foppert played today. hes cool. I like him
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