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jredmon (profile) wrote,
on 6-15-2005 at 10:57pm
Current mood: content

It's been such an awesomely boring day. Better not go anywhere because I haven't been here for an entire day in so long. I can't imagine why. It's pretty bad when the highlight of your day is reading for several hours on end. And I don't even read that much.

Better yet! Yes, it does get better! The fucking power supply for my laptop got motherfucking back ordered at least five goddamned days. I'm sorry, but perhaps they need to keep better fucking track of their inventory. Don't have something on your website that says *IN STOCK* or some shit right next to the part when it's actually *OUT OF FUCKING STOCK*. Oh boy! I get my shipping refunded! OH BOY! I CAN'T USE MY LAPTOP FOR AT LEAST ANOTHER FIVE BUSINESS DAYS! Absolutely. Fucking. Awesome

I'd use my desktop, but this screen is honestly so fucking shitty it makes my eyes hurt and/or gives me a headache after using it for a while. It didn't used to - until I realized how much better my laptop's screen is... was.

I'll find the headquarters of MundoCorp and... well... I'll just do something nasty to it. Yeah. Until then...

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