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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 6-16-2005 at 3:55pm
Current mood: bored
Music: Rhonda Vincent -I've forgotten you
Subject: a few days
welps heres from Saturday till tueday...... ill update about yesterday and today a little bit later...... im to lazy to do it now lol

Welps Saturday went to the Zoo.... oh what a gay time that was.... I about died. There was a lot of dumb people and a lot of kids. And some old people but donít get me wrong I loved every minute of it lol (not really) I slept all the way there and the only thing I liked about the Zoo was when we was at the Wolfs and there was this little cage thing you walked in to look at some bird that wasnít actually in there at all lol and I was standing there and some cute freak lookin guy walked in there and asked me what was suppose to be in there and I told him I didnít know so he was telling me it was the love Shack and thatís all it was suppose to be lol.... it was Great..... after we left the dumb zoo We got lost for a few minutes and had to Call Chris (Melvinís Brother). Seeing since he lives in Columbus he would know his way around Cincinnati and of course he did.. well after we knew where we was going again I went to sleep. Then they woke me up being the mean people that they are and told me to get up so we could go eat at bob evens..... the sun was hurting my eyes and I about died cause my head felt like someone had hit it with a Hammer.... it was pretty bad......well after we ate then we went to Columbus and went shopping and I got 2 polo shirts and like Capri pants thatís a light tan color..... stuff I would normally not wear but my family is trying to turn me preppy I reckon. Pretty scary I tell ya that one..... and I also got a fossil watch and a candle. And a little jacket thingy .. and while we was shopping I got ill cause of all the people. ... and mom felt bad for making me shop cause she knows Iím not good in she told Grace to hurry up so we could head home we ended up getting home at like umm.... 11:40 or so and I got online cause I thought Eric was gonna call me but noo he had to work the next day so I didnít get to talks to him.. oh well better luck next time I reckon............. then Sunday didnít get up till like 2. so what I like to sleep lol... then I was bored pretty much the rest of the day til about 4:30 when I finally got Grace up to go to town and we went to Debs cause she needed pants or so she said lol. And then I wanted to walk down to old Navy to see if Jennay or Kevin was working. Which they wasnít but thatís ok lol....... so then we went to Walmart and I talked to Donnie for a little few then she left cause she was on break and wanted food and needed to talk to Eric (different one from up top lol) so she was going to mcdonalds .... then we went to crackel barell to eat and I ended up talking to Jc for a while cause he was suppose to be working but decided he should talk to me seeing since I am Kim and all lol.. he told me he might not be going to Hannan Next year...... and I informed him he had to rather he wanted to or not lol then we left there after eating really nasty food that Grace loved... and went to Wendys to get her a salad for lunch....... then came home and talked to Taco some cause he was at the home and went out to Check on the animals and found out Kat (the dog) had 10 puppies and then got online and talked to Keshia and mom came in the spare bedroom at like 1am and told me I had to go to bed and shook her finger at me lol so I went to bed and got up at noon today cause she called me..... and then was lazy for a while then went and mowed the far back of the yard like from the camper back.. and was listening to music dancing around lol it was fun.. then came in the home and called Keshia and asked her to pick me up for the 4-h meeting but she couldnít hear me and called back a bit later so she came over b4 the meeting so she didnít have to go all the way home. And we went for a 4 wheeler ride..... what Great fun that was I was laughing pretty much the whole time cause she hit trees and we tried going over a ramp thingy and it didnít work out to well lol. And she looks up and is like ď wonder where the campgrounds isĒ and about that time we see campers lol it was amusing.......... welps then we went to the GAY 4-H meeting and played in the playground lol then came to Keshiaís home and went walking.............. seen Michael oh Buddy is he ever HOT!!! Lol......... yeah if you want to read about the walk go to Keshiaís and read im to lazy to write it all lol........... welps thatís it about the oh so Exciting life of Kim so im gonna get a going.

Much Love and God Bless
Kimberly Dawn
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