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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 6-17-2005 at 12:40am
Music: Bobby Pinson - dont ask me how i know
Subject: a few more days
Well Tuesday was a interesting day… first we went over in Milton for Keshia’s interview but we was over there early so we went to Vicky’s which is a party store… oh gosh was it gay but fun lol… We have to go back to get me a pope hat and Keshia a sheriff hat and badge… they will be great just you wait…. Well then we went to her interview and I sat in the car and listened to music lol… and called mom to make sure I could stay the night again so she said yes….then we went to Go-mart to get gas.. but the pumps was way to smart for us so we went to apple grove to get gas cause I knew how to work those ones…. Well then we went to Keshia’s tanning appointment. I sat out in the car cause Nathan and Michael was outside… well actually it was Michael and Nathan’s dad cause Michael isn’t really friends with Nathan he’s friends with his dad lol oh well…. Welps then we went home…. And went out for a walk later…. Seen orangey lol good little lizard there lol we have nice little walkes… I love how Michael walks out of his house looks at us and mumbles something.. Throws his hand in the air and shakes his butt as he walks away that was some funny stuff… then when we got back to Keshia’s we got told we was never aloud to go walking again.. oh well looks like we did on Wednesday anyways lol….. we got up was lazy for a while then went to Keshia’s tanning appointment where I sat out in the car to see if Michael and Nathan would come out side… which they did cause they got in the car and left and like Michael pulls out in the middle of the road and sits there like he don’t know rather he should move or not lol.. then Nathan waved and they went away then Keshia came out like 10 mins later and we went up to apple grove for Kenny some cough drops. And I got some chips and like when we was leaving there was a car coming. And I tell Keshia to “GUN IT” and she like Creeps out in the road lol that was great stopped by my home to get more clothes cause I had to stay at Keshia’s again.. then when we was going back to Keshia’s we just had to go out by Michael’s home.. which was fine.. and like when we went past the garage thing I look back and see Nathan standing in the door smoking and I look at Keshia and she’s just dancing away it was mighty funny.. then we got back to Keshia’s home and we went walking shortly after……. And we found GIMPY!! What a great dog gimpy was…. She would run and look back at us and bark with the retard face…. Gimpy was our friend. That we had to save from cars cause she was too dumb to get out of the middle of the road. She would sit there patting her head saying, “I’m a retard I’m a retard”. Then after we saved her from yet another car we get to Michael’s home and him and Nathan is out on the porch and Michael looks and says either “hey” or Sup?” not to sure which one so we didn’t answer…… then gimpy just happens to run over there.. and Michael looks at her then us and goes “is that your dog” in normal words. And I answer “no” and that was the end of that talk… I thought about not answering at all but I had to say something cause God knows Keshia wasn’t gonna lol…. Well then we headed home leaving Gimpy with Nathan and Michael cause they knew secretly they wanted her lol welps as we got to the hill the parents came to get us and we was forced to go with them to the graveyard and we sat in the car… and like on the way back Michael Nathan and Little Woods was standing out by Michael’s car. And Nathan waves like a retard but us in the back don’t wave cause yep was pretty aggravated…….. got to her home and didn’t talk to the parents stayed in Keshia’s room…… then later as we was going to sleep or at least I thought we was gonna go to sleep we was talking about gayness.. like Gimpy and how Keshia wants to get me hooked up with Nathan…. Which I do believe aint gonna happen but I’m not to sure about that yet lol…… Then Today (Thursday) got up early it seemed like so Keshia could go mow so I came home cause she seemed in a bad mood so I didn’t want to aggregate her so I just came home thinking well she will be over later.. which she never came but its probably better that way cause Mom and Grace was bitching at me cause I’m a “smartass” and anything I say is mean and I’m not aloud to leave the house is that’s how I’m gonna act when I get home.. and I had to inform them that if they didn’t bug the shit out of me then I wouldn’t have a smartass answer for everything…. And well mom didn’t like that and told me that if I hated my life so much I could leave it wouldn’t bother her one bit cause she could tell I didn’t want to be there. BLAH BLAH BLAH… that’s basically all I heard was a lot of BLAH’S so I went to get the phone to call my good ol’ Father to come save me. and she informed me I wasn’t aloud to use her phone cause she pays for it.. So I left and went to sit on the tracks.. and that was basically my day……. its very boring since I left Keshia’s home…. I have to go back there so my life is interesting lol……… welps that’s it I have to say so I’m gonna go back to talking to Keshia and Tabi

Much Love and God Bless
Kimberly Dawn
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