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Melindy (profile) wrote,
on 2-10-2003 at 3:46pm
Wuahahahaha....yeah. Ummmm...nothing changed with Charlie today, although last night at youth was great, we played this game where we formed a chain, so I got to hold his hand for about 5 minutes!! Yay! And Charlie thinks that Nic likes me, which isnt a horrible thing, I mean, Nic is a really cool kid. I had the TEENSIEST of crushes on him during the summer, at that jazz band camp. But Charlie says its because of the way he looked at me when he was holding the door for people, and I walked by (behind Charlie) and said "You're such a gentleman" and Nic says "Oh, I know" and I dont remember if Charlie was even looking back at that moment, but..whatever.

So now Nic might like me, and I like Charlie? I have mixed feelings... because I mean, I know what its like to have a crush on someone who likes someone else. As I'm going through it at the moment..kinda. But Charlie is just such a sweetheart, I dont want to stop liking him...but..I just dont know. Nic is awesome, he's like a big teddy bear. But I want Charlie to be my teddy bear. Its just mean! GRRR!!!!!!! Why is it that the wrong guy likes me? That's just how my stupid life works. Oh well, I have some vocab I need to have done tomorrow, I guess I could actually do my homework for once, right? Yes...ok....bye for now. I get to go home after school, so, yeah. I'll update later or something.

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