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shiznit05 (profile) wrote,
on 6-19-2005 at 12:15am
Current mood: idk...contemplative, i guess
Music: modest mouse
idk, ive been thinking a lot lately, and ive been getting absolutely nowhere

summer has been great so far...ive done nothing but work, sleep, and hang out with friends and various parties, and plyiang lots and lots of volleyball, im actually decent at it too :) its been great being able to hang out with friends really going to hate to have to see them all leave soon

my parents left us this weekend, camping or sometihng, then i think next weekend is when we leave for New York, im not really sure though...should be fun, i love being in new york with everyone, makes my day

ugh, so this thinking thing ive been doing lately...i havent really gotten anywhere with it, i mean, i know what i want, and its right there, i can see it, and i can almost touch it, but, idk, its not feasible, and i think im getting my hopes up, and i think tonight was a prime example of it

it scares me not ready to watch him walk away from me, it sounds forky, but its true, he has gotten me through a lot, and for me to not just be able to call him up sucks a lot

idk, i hate these drives home i have, all i do is stare and think, and i still get nowhere, and i zone out, and all the sudden im crossing the RR tracks by my house, it scares me that i can do that

hmm, this update sucks
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