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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 6-20-2005 at 1:34am
Current mood: sad
Music: silence
Subject: Small Update, i wish i had good news heart is starting to hurt
Well I decied to update, I dont use my computer anymore since we switch internet services at home, but htere is that much to say. I only have 2 more microecon classes to go. I got a 49 out of 50 on my first test, and a 51 out of 50 on the 2nd one, so i will be done this week. my birtday is coming up in 8 more days. I am not exited abotu turing 20 b/c i still feel like i am 18, where have the past 2 years gone? I wish someone could tell me. What happen to being young and ahving fun, that part must of skipped me. but anyways, i got my hair cut yesterday...i hate getting my hair cut, but it needed to be done...sigh, that is all the personal news going on in my life at the exciting...summer is going to fast, if only i knew what was going on.

but the main reason i wrote was to say if you are reading this, keep andrew boadwater and his family in your prayers. Andrew passed away today. It is always hard to see someone that you know die, it is ever harder when that person is your peer, and near your age, so may God bless his soul and lift the spirits of his family and friends. Its a sad day to say good bye to someone, but is hopefull to know he is in a better place.
Good Night.
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