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sexzimimerz (profile) wrote,
on 6-20-2005 at 1:50pm
Current mood: in love!
Music: jodeci - freakin you
Subject: ;) i love him.

DAMN. i love steven. so fuckin much. like you SERi0USLY have no idea how much i love this kidd lol ... =) and he loves me too ! yey! lol <33

this weekend was fun. i saw mah baby on saturday , only for a little wile but im still happy... =) so far, my summer's been EEH? idk . ive been working ; grounded ; with kristina vilim + papo.. lol oooh, did you kno kristina is the W0RST friend EVER ? -lol but hey im just sayen.. lol insider! i han N0W honestly say weve been thru it ALL .. ;) bFf foreverrr! well, i gotta get bak to work.. soo ill write in this bitch l8rr - love u

i fuckin LOVE my steverz =)
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