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mle (profile) wrote,
on 6-20-2005 at 7:21pm
Current mood: . worn out .
Music: . silence .
. nothing ever goes according to plan .

ok, so sure i'm working at yankee, training for the pools, babysitting, helping out around the house, commuting to class at state 3x/wk, etc... but i feel like i never get anything done. i mean, i still haven't posted my italy pictures online.. we got home almost a month ago. and i haven't read more than 5 books this summer. and i've only seen about 1/2 the people i want to (but that will change once i'm in town 7 nights a week instead of 4). i'm just always so exhausted. and overwhelmed. but geez, this is supposed to be summer- the calm before the storm, my break from madison and the mentoring that fall will bring... not so. my life is always crazy, i'm realizing. and i kind of hate it.

hey, child, please stay a while
my smile will not mislead you
cause i've been without
i go wild with doubt ...
still there's something in you that i believe in
. third eye blind . good for you .

i totally hate this. i want to say something to him, but we have to work closely for the next year, at least, because he's pres and i'm vp of a student org at state. my mom and sister keep saying "oh, just wait and see how things go. you can always say something later" but that's impossible for me. i'm too impatient. if he's not into me, then i need to keep rowing. there are other fish in the sea.
but he's a good catch.
especially in a he'd-be-good-for-me kind of way.
as cheesy as it sounds, he's such a genuine/gentleman/wholesome kinda guy. he's entirely too good for me.

the world is a drought when out of love
please come back to us
. incubus . sick sad little world .

speaking of good for me- what about lucass? (him and his friends are so bad for me haha) now that he's got his own place and a cell (finally), we've been talking just about every day and hanging out most nights i'm in gr. it's awkward in a comfy sort of way - i always feel like we're a heartbeat away from being something... yet not at all. it's hard to explain. especially because it's been this way for years...
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