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KryieKougar (profile) wrote,
on 6-20-2005 at 11:59pm
Subject: no more car
i dont have a car
here's part of the story
i had a hit and run today i was going over to my friend dustins house and i turned my blinker on and some jerk rear ended me and i spun out over into someones yard. people stoped to help me and the jerk took off i didn't even get a chance to see his lisence plate. one guy that stopped asked what the car that hit me looked like and went after him. they were suprised on how far he got because he was leaking all over the place but after a while they lost the trail. i was really shook up i couldn't open my door all the way because my left tire was busted and rammed up. i couldn't open either of the back doors, i had no trunk some guy that had heard it and come from about a block away. i am alright, i got some mediene thats a muscle relaxant which i have been told might make me loopy
man i am going to feel this tomorrow.
today was mine and adams one year. yes i have kept this one for over a year because i kinda sorta like him alot.
if you have any questions you know or should know how to reach me
see ya
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