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1010101 (profile) wrote,
on 6-21-2005 at 4:40pm
Subject: The Fulminating Greatness of My 4th of July Party
Alright, so, as I already mentioned briefly at Katie's open-house, I will be having another 4th of July party this year. It will start around 6:00 and end whenever my parents kick everyone out (probably sometime between midnight and 1). As was the case last year we will have a veritable arsenal of *cough* illegal *cough cough* fireworks. We will also have pizza at some point, and there will be home-made ice-cream (which is at least 20 times better than store-bought ice-cream or any kind of home-made ice-cream you've ever had before (damn, do you think I could get anymore hyphens in here?).

Other than that I'm not 100% certain on any details. Aside from the standard activity of blowing stuff up, we do also have several movies (and animes for anyone who's into that), I have my PS2 with a few multiplayer games, and of course there is billiards in my basement.

So, that's it for now. Feel free to make any suggestions here or just call me up (863-0964). Oh, yes, and everyone is invited, so feel free to get the word out (as in please tell everyone in the group that you can, I don't want to look up everyone's phone-numbers again since I lost nearly all of them just this spring , just don't invite someone I don't know without letting me know first.)

I hope to see you all there ^_^
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