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seraphimrhapsody (profile) wrote,
on 6-21-2005 at 5:50pm
Current mood: distraught
Subject: do all children go to heaven?
one of my kids died

he was 9 years old

what's the point of this?
atrocities like this should not exist
children should not die
no child should die

what did they have?
they were of the poor
they were of the pure
they were just children

it's not like they knew the true wrongs of the world
it's not like they're families didn't yell at them or beat them or force them into work as soon as possible
it's not like that was the only option to continue living

but he didn't continue living did he?
he died.

and he was doing so well...he could've done so much better...
underneath his facade he was a sweet kid
he was a kid
just like all of them

and he died.
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