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neverending (profile) wrote,
on 6-22-1996 at 12:49am
Current mood: cynical
Music: block party
Subject: time will tell....
sigh....had practice today. went allright i guess. about 13 riders and 1 groom. i think we have a chance at state, regionals fo' sho'. once againg neilee blew off my invite for her to come over. "i tired...and..." were her words. im tired of it! im tired of her stupid immature wont call her anymore i dont think. i keep thinking of levi! maybe ill email him... i want a boy...a nice christian boy...but maybe i shouldnt right now i dont know.i have so much to concentrate really really sick of my mom being home! she had a cancerous something removed three weeks ago and finally she went to work monday but not yesterday. ive been really depressed latley,i dont want to grow up! Honestly i could stay in high school forever and now im down to two years.i couldve stayed with levi forever that night. Emotionally he completly satisfies me...and right now that is theonly thing needing satisfaction.
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