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jburt1 (profile) wrote,
on 6-23-2005 at 1:23am
Subject: Just a little update of what I'm doing with myself this summer.
For starters, I'm working at Bed Bath & Beyond. It's not the kind of job I pictured myself working, but it's a job and it pays. And it's not tough work either. Next week my summer class at MCC starts. HIST 201 for 8 hours a week for a 7.5 weeks. I hope it's not as bad as ratemyprofessor says it is. I wanted this summer to be all about learning, so in my spare time I'm reading books (so far I've read 5 and I'm working on Catcher in the Rye right now), practicing piano, learning card games/tricks, and attempting to pick up guitar, although I'm lazy and it takes a lot of paitience, which I've seemed to've lost. So far I've been to chicago once, to visit Keith, Sara, and Theresa, college pals. I want to go back once more, but Keith's gonna be gone by then. Future roommate right there. Right now my parents and sister are gone on vacation. I decided to stay here and work instead, so I have the house to myself. It's actually kinda tough to run a household, to water the lawn, feed the pets, do the it's not very fun being by myself all day. But the situation did allow me to throw a little get together at my house with a few people. I got drunk for the first time in muskegon and for the first time with some of my friends. I've seen everyone at least once, including joslyn, except for Kenesha. It's hard because she works so much. I'm feeling really lonely right now. But I'm sure that'll pass. I'm gonna hang out with Katie tomorrow. I'll be happy to see her.
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