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superheromindo (profile) wrote,
on 6-25-2005 at 1:05am
I really love my woohu. It's something that only one person knows about, and they dont check it. So I can write whatever I want in here. This stuff is the stuff that I need to get out of my mind but not someplace that everyone is going to see it.

I talked to Braeden tonight for about 20 minutes. It He's just gotten back from his baptist "brainwashing" camp, as Mia calls it. He's the sweetest boy ever. It reminds me why I used to like him myself. Even the way he talks...I mean, maybe it was the cold he's got, but I dont know. It was weird. And so nice.

And yet, it's not the Braeden that I've got as a best friend. He's not the same person. I hope he comes down from his religion-high a little bit and coasts there. I think somewhere between the way he was and the way he is now would make him a perfect man.

It's really weird. I dont know. It just made me think. But he's so sweet, either way.

He's the kind of boy I would love to marry.

Now it's time for bed, I really just had to get this Brae stuff out of my head a bit.

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