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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 6-25-2005 at 12:20am
Current mood: groggy
Music: the pixies- this monkeys gone to heaven
Subject: my not so healthy day
im just gonna paste in the story i told to people before on IM, so it may sound choppy...

itALiankiwi 23: im taking ap economics, and yesterday i was seeing my relatives so i didnt get the homework until really late and i didnt get enough sleep and i was exhausted
itALiankiwi 23: all week actually ive been staying up too late and coughing constantly
itALiankiwi 23: the teachers really nice but it was so painful and confusing today
itALiankiwi 23: so then in class i started getting an opthalmic migraine which is where my vision gets funky and its really hard to read and then i get a splitting headache
itALiankiwi 23: well so this stuff is confusing enough and then i have a hard time reading the exercises and i get way behind
itALiankiwi 23: and the class seems way longer than it actually is
itALiankiwi 23: so im confused and exhausted and in pain
itALiankiwi 23: once class ended i went out and lay down on some grass and i was trying not to be a wimp when i was in so much pain and i took 2 ibuprofen and it didnt go away so finally all i could do was cry
itALiankiwi 23: and then my dad finally picked up his phone and said he was already there to pick me up so then we started going home and the nausea started
itALiankiwi 23: i was in so much pain but i managed to fall asleep
itALiankiwi 23: woke up on laurel grove and felt like i was gonna throw up
itALiankiwi 23: and then i started freaking out cuz i thought i was gonna throw up and had my dad stop at the bottom of our street and stay there while i puked out of his window which was actually pretty cool
itALiankiwi 23: a little got on the car door and i dumped my water bottle on it but i probably should wash it off again just in case so it doesnt corrode the paint
itALiankiwi 23: and then i slept for who knows how many hours, and woke up and watched the nba final game from last night and my nose started bleeding. and it was pretty weird earlier i think like during the car ride i felt something weird going down my throat and i thought it might have been blood but maybe just the gross stuff ive been coughing up
itALiankiwi 23: and then i slept from 6 until 8:40

woke up and felt disorientated, didnt feel like eating dinner obviously but then i went downstairs and saw chocolate and realized i would have to eat some dinner before just eating chocolate. then i dont remember what i did next... i guess it led to staying up too late on the computer. well good night and good health!

ps more on the class when i have more energy
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