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talithe (profile) wrote,
on 6-27-2005 at 5:14pm
Music: HIM -- Beautiful
Subject: A Day Away From Seven Months
Not much going on so I decided to post something. Just waiting for my coming paycheck so I can buy some household items. Jonathan gets off work in two hours so I'm mainly waiting for him, see what he wants to do. Been watching a lot of movies in the past few days.. been kind of slow.

Saturday I went to an indoor football game. Watched the Missouri Minutemen lose against the Wichita Aviators. I had six free tickets and only used two, and had I gone a little bit earlier I would have tried selling the tickets. They're $10 a ticket.

I've been wanting to see Cinderella Man a few days now, and hopefully will see it by the end of this week. I didn't have much interest in the movie, but one of my good friends said he'd like to see the movie. He's a good guy so I said, hell, why not.

Got into The Rasmus the other night. An excellent band if you ever get the chance to hear them. I've noticed that Finland is my favorite country for music, being that my three favorite bands are from there. And then I was introducted to Liveplasma today, which will probably be fun looking more bands up that I've never listened to before.

Ok, that's all.
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