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BleedingHeart (profile) wrote,
on 6-27-2005 at 6:19pm
Current mood: groggy
Music: beck - deadweight
Subject: sleep inside a parasites appetite
it all started with this kid on the bus which honestly, his mouth got annoying. came over with his friend one day. deffiantly shy and would stand off. finally he started talking a bit with us. he was a smart ass. turns out me this girl and this boy became fucking super close. we would hang out almost every day. ended up dating him. best boyfriend ever. litterly. just the feeling i had when i was with him was so intense. nothing else mattered in the world. he was my favorite 'pillow'. we had such a connection, it was amazing. the relationship didnt last long..... he moved, grew apart, everything went down the drain....

2 years later he visits....

...look at us now.

i love you.
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