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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 6-28-2005 at 9:08pm
Current mood: content
Music: sex and the city theme song
Subject: welcome back, welcome back, welcome back
i haven't written anything in sooooo long. i had a virus on my computer...i felt like i was missing a limb. didn't think i needed a computer that badly, but it turns out i was wronnng. i don't know what i need it for exactly, but i do.

anyways, i've begun the two and a half month period where kennedy aquatic center owns my soul. i worked 60 hours last week, plus the ten or so hours i spent swimming there in the mornings. fun times. at least i'll have the cash to pay for my apartment next year. speaking of which, i haven't talked to anyone in ann arbor in soooooo long. i feel detatched from them. i'm gonna give them a call and go out in a weekend or two, cause i miss them.

it's so weird how completely different the two halves of my life are. there is not one aspect of my life now that is similar to the way it is when i'm at school. i like both parts, but they're just so different i can't choose which one i like better.

so i have bronchitis. it f-ing sucks, man. i coach kids four hours a day, and i'm always yelling, so basically that doesn't work. i can't stop coughing, i have no voice, and i'm congested. bret let me go home from work today so that i could go see the doctor, who put me on a z-pak. hopefully i'll be feeling better soon so i can get back into the swing of things. the doctor told me that i'll get pneumonia if i keep going to practice. i'm pissed. i need to work out. i'm gonna go tomorrow and if it gets too hard, i'll just slow down and swim some easy stuff.

everything with tsc's going smoothly. i've only been bitched out by like three crazy overprotective parents, and the kids are swimming pretty well. coaching 25 hours a week isn't exactly my idea of a fun time, but i feel like there could be worse jobs.

like lifeguarding. it's so damn boring. i can't stand still for eight hours a day. it pretty much makes me have ADD that i never had before. on the good side, i'm getting a good tan. three people complimented me on it at the doctor's office today.

wellll i'm gonna go back to sex and the city, sooo that's it for now.
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