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silentcriez (profile) wrote,
on 6-30-2005 at 9:43pm
why would you make me wait
when you know youll never come
why wont you tell me straight
instead of playing dumb?

why would you kiss my lips
when you wanna be saying goodbye
why would you tell me this
when you know its all lies

you make me weak
when you touch me
when you kiss me
im at your beck and call
im yours for keeps
when you love me
when you touch me
im giving it all..

so tell me why would you come here
When you want to be with her
baby why do you sound sincere
when your lifes really just a blur

and why would you drug me
with your innocence and wine
when your drunken and your lovely
and your leaving when the sun shines


beauty in a twisted lie
lovers in the twisted sheets
hating every minute here
yet your still with me
we play our stupid games
of do you love me enough
while were fighting together
were playing so rough

why would you taint me this way
and leave your mark on me
why would you say that youll stay
if its so easy to leave?

why would you call every night
when you dont hear a sound
well if your leaving tonight
you better start walking now..


a hand written letter
Sealed with a kiss
told a tall tale legend
of a love just like this
i saw it in movies
and books that i read
but i never imagined
these thoughts in my head

beauty falls under
pain makes its way
hearing the thunder
the sttorms on its way
if your leaving, get on and go
dont ever let me see your face again

im singing you a lullaby
soft and sweet
your giving me an alliby
your down ten feet deep
maybe we can make up
all this wasted time
under the moon where we kiss
in the untold stories
of a love just like this


"a purple melody floats in one ear and out the other for a moment i am changed. for a moment i am light. for a moment love is effortless. the silver plataue of crimson hovers above me in a lucid strand of heaven, while golden dandilions dance diligently to my melody. memories though esoteric are plenty in this euphoric pasture and they fill my mind. overflowing into an ocean of you. a purple melody floats in one ear and out the other and for a moment i am changed."


an echo in the darkness
bleeds its last goodbye
and im standing here naked
and im ready to cry
i stare deep into your eyes
As you push me away
why do i keep coming back
when i should walk away?
i need to leave you here
i need to start over again
it wont work now
and it didnt happen then
my hearts just an empty
vacume of pain
bordering confusion
im bordering insane
walk the plank little baby
take whats coming to you
walk the plank to your destiny
walk it off walk it off
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