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shiznit05 (profile) wrote,
on 7-1-2005 at 2:11pm
Current mood: busy
ok, i have 2.5 hours...and a list of things that need to get done, ive already loaded up my mp3 player...i made a list of what i want to pack, i just need to take a shower, and write in this, we're getting there, im almost ready

so, i think ive got it figured out, theres honestly been a stick up my butt the last few days, and ive got two ideas of what the problem is, one is a person, but the weekend away should fix that, and the other is just something thats been running through my head...for the past few years it's worked, i liked it, but lately, its changing and i think im having problems coping witht the fact that it doesnt work anymore, so thats what i have to come to terms with this weekend, and im hoping i'll get there, becuase everytime ive come home lately, im just bummed out because its becoming more and more blantant that things just arent what they used to be...and i think the change is for the worst

anyway, now that that is over with, i am so excited about leaving today, i have second thoughts this morning, but i realized that theres nothing to keep me here, at least last year, when i thought about not going, i had someone here that really wanted me to stay, not so much right now, this 3 day absence of mine wont be hurting anybody.

it makes me laugh, when people go to other countries, they try to fake accents...why? just be content with being american...geez haha

its supposed to be gorgeous this weekend....sunny and 75...yes

i should pack.
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