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leonardiddy (profile) wrote,
on 7-1-2005 at 5:25pm
Current mood: pissed off
Music: rhcp- cabron- (that means bastards)
Subject: 10 stupidest things my mom has yelled at me about
this is a list, and im gonna add to it throughout the summer, then maybe a new one during the school year- oh yeah they arent in order of stupidness (yet)

1. i should join certain clubs that have nothing to do with my interests this began with discussing how well i knew the teachers i wanted recommendations from outside of class, worked its way to asking me to join philosophy or stargazing club, and ended in my mom telling me my interests arent GOOD enough because i dont do them at school with other people in a club.

2. i need an SAT tutor to read to me my mom talked to ms hoeveler and got the name of an expensive SAT tutor, and ive had these before. i know what they do for their money, and that is tell people exactly what is in a book, because they are too lazy to read it for themselves. i think thats a waste of money and i can prep on my own with a book. my mom responded to this idea with "dont waste your time reading all that!", and i said "well its exactly what a tutor would have done for me and you wanted me to get a tutor." i dont think she understood me very well because later when i insisted on working through the book she said "fine then, ill go call the tutor".

3. i need to be more agressive about fixing a typo in my transcript basically she just wanted me to send lots of emails to a teacher who wrote i got a B+ on the final when i got an A-, and then fax him my final, all before he even responded to my first question.
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