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ddeastroyer (profile) wrote,
on 7-2-2005 at 9:51am
Current mood: "Humble" <-- Sarcasm
Music: Boom Boom -- John Lee Hooker
Subject: I am so tight...
And I have a big Ego too... Props to my asshole teacher for calling me Mr. Ego towards the end of the school year...

Short entry... But I am realizing that my partys are so freaking tight... And if you are invited and miss them... You are really missing out because I throw some tight ass partys... Woohoo I had so much fun last night and so did everyone else... As everyone should know... When I show movies... I show horror movies... This time it was Exorcist: The Beginning and A Nightmare On Elm Steet... They both scared everyone... Oh yea go me!

Party was a big hit... I will let everyone know when the next one is later next week like on Wednesday or something... God that was so much fun... Everyone had fun... Props to everyone that was there... You were all awesome... Especially me...

New Saying: "You know what you need to do..."
I was just saying this a lot last night for no apparent reason to people and I thought it was kinda funny so it is one of my sayings now...

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