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amber07 (profile) wrote,
on 7-2-2005 at 10:33pm
Music: Be Somebody--3 Doors Down
Subject: It's been a long time!
Well hi everybody! I haven't updated in so long that I'm sure nobody even reads this now but that's okay because I wouldn't read it either!

I think my last entry was in January and nothing has really happened since then! I turned 16 in March and I got my license June 7th! My dad bought me a green Ford Ranger but it's a stick shift and he hasn't had time to teach me yet! Just today he traded his black truck for a little chevy that looks pretty bad! It's automatic and it needs a few things done to it but we're gonna fix it up for me! I think I'm going to paint it pink and I can't wait! It's all so exciting! I still can't believe I got my license!

My brother started racing his motorcycle a couple of weeks ago and my dad bought a dirt bike for himself! He taught me how to ride it and it is the greatest! He's thinking about fixing it up so it's real fast and teaching me how to speed shift so I can race drag strip! I'll probably start next year and I am so excited! My dad and Gregory go to the races like every weekend and we've been a couple of times! It's a bunch of fun to watch and sometimes it's pretty scary! There has been some scary wrecks and last night they had to take a boy out in the ambulance! It's pretty dangerous and that's why I want to race drag strip--because it's easier than racing on a track with all kinds of other people! I'm still kinda scared but it will be tons of fun once I get good at it!

If anybody is crazy enough to read this I'm sorry for boring you with the details of my life but hey it's my journal and you don't have to read it! Amber
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