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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 7-3-2005 at 8:41pm
Current mood: pissed off
Music: Jonny Lang
Subject: Ramblings...i need help with my road rage.You lmost hit me, you deserve being cussed the hell out~
Well Bitches I am 20~
Not much going on, my mom is in Bosnia...i know how odd, but i talked to her twice, she sounds so happy, and alive. My omo, i feel hasnt gotten over her dad dying 3 years ago. So she needed this, she needed the time to be away and focus on herself, i think we all need that in our lives, some more than others (like myself), but yeah nothign going on. I had cake for my birthday thats about it got some money, I have been babbysitting, that has been a kick in the ass, but fun, kids are funny, annnoying at times but fun. the highlight has been the 7 year old girl turinging to her one brother and saying "Well Your Mom" I almost died. but yeah its been good. My bother got a new job, a better job with cingular, so iam very hppy for him, maybe he will stop calling every 20 minutes, but i love him. so yeah iam 20 and nothing new, no new feelings, jsu tthe thought of in 10 years i will be 30..WTF. but yeah The feelings on the whole birthday thing is this. I find it shity that people i have known for a long time dont even have enough respect to say happy birthday i mean i dont want a card, I mean i loved how people sent ims's or a text message, or signed that thing on facebook. That was amamzing to me, but iam done with people. I mean i sent a card and a text message to some people, and you cant even get a fucking Happy Birthday on AOL...That is just sad. Ok iam over that. Respect this missing and you need to find it. Oh and another thing I have never in my life wanted to hit soemone so bad. There are people out there i have known for 13 + years and they act like they dont even know you...thats some shady shit. I ran into Kerstin from Highschool I was very happy to see her. I am starting to miss old friendships, hopefully i dont loose them all, but some need cut loose for real. I mean after a certain point does knowing someone by name and knowing them in highschool count as being friends now? I think not.
anyways, i alwys say ntohign is going on, but there is alot. I suffer form road rage. I have cussed 4 people out while driving the past 2 weekends, i got my hair cut...HAHAHA yeah me, damn its short, but i like it. I mean its not like SHORT...but compared to it before its short. My mom wont belive it when she comes home. I went to my aunts and uncles for supper today, and my aunt ask me if i was dating anyone, I said No, I dont have time for that, she syas " you just cant find the right person" I was thinking Shit I havent been looking, i knew before i went over there that question would be asked. and to my surprise we are on the same political wave length, she is a little but more extereme saying that (you kow who) is the Anti Christ. and being dead serious, this statement form her was Great..b/c she is sucha religous person. I loved it. And I love their house its Very Ecletic and is different everytime i go there. but it was good. and i got to see the Crutchman's some of the best people i know. So yeah there is an update. Long I know but hell i like to ramble...I am going to go see War of The world, Bye
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