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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 7-5-2005 at 12:54am
Current mood: bored
Music: Juels Santana-Mic check 1,2
Subject: The weekend
Tuesday, July 05, 2005
well boys and girls its time once again to update this bad boy so here it goes.... last night after i updated i got to talk to Eric and it started off ok then i made things horable.. well for me it was at least.. then things went back to being good i think i dont know oh well tho......... well then i went ot bed at about 7am cause i was watching tv and didnt feel the need to sleep anyways lol.... then i got up at 5pm and got ready and went down to the Church at 6:30 for bible school ( i helped out) then came home at 8:30 and went up to Mrs Schoons to watch Fireworks they was leting off then watched the slide show from band and helped with the rooms list for Band camp. which i need to get typing at by the way........... and then i got home at about 11:15 or so and talked to people and now here i am updating this bad boy..... well im done....Leave me some comments so i know im loved lol

Monday, July 04, 2005
welps lets see.. Saturday got up at like 8 which means i only had like a hour of sleep.. So what lol.. but then i went out to dads and got Grace's Car talked to Sami some and Dad about freaked cause i was driving moms Car home and Grace was driving hers and i dont have my license lol oh well i didnt get caught lol.. it was fun cause Grace couldnt keep up with me and shes always talking about how fast she goes and shit... and i showed her up.. i loved it lol.... well then i got home at like noon and took a nap til 2 then mom started bitching but whats new she always bitches at me... so i went to Grace's room and went back to bed and she was in there every 15 minutes bitching at at 4 she finally pissed me off so i had to get up and leave...... and went outside and played with the puppies then looked at the NEW baby ducks theres like 15 or 20 of them im not sure... they are adorable... was born Saturday or at least thats the first day we seen them lol......... then at like 6 or a bit later we went to up to mom and Dads and i played with the little coon dog puppies they are cute... theres a baby pig up there that the people mom got him from said he was only 2 weeks old and hes really small al i love him i wanted ot take him home with me lol but i didnt...... she also has 2 baby bunnnies all i really wanted to sneak away with them aww i loved them soo much they was really soft and one of them reminded me of peaches when she was a baby.. Allen was really annoying too..... well after we left mom and dads we watched the Fireworks in point then came home and i was bored lol......... then went to bed at like 6 or 7 this moring lol then got up at 9 maybe cause someone came to the door and was a knocking.. so i went to moms room and went back to sleep til about 12:30 then got up and talked to Keshia at one something and got the dishes out of the dish washer and got ready and such and played with the baby ducks cause we caught a few with out the mommy knowing lol...... then at 3 something Keshia and Mel got here and we left for the regotta's.... we went to point first then went over in gallia and had a blast at burger king lol....... then went to the regotta thing over there. and i talked ot Trista and thought i was gonna have to walk home or something cause i wasnt able to find Keshia and Mel till they finally came over and seen if i was ready to leave... cause they had went out to the car and got money and i never seen them again so i hung out with Trista and had a blast.... and raymond kept on telling me i reminded him soo much of some girl.. i dont know who the poo she was or nothing lol it was fun tho cause i was gonna embarrass Trista cause i mean if i did something gay (dumb) it wouldnt embarrass me cause i dont know anyone over there.....i never did embarrass her.. oh well maybe next time.... at the Gallia fair hehe... if i ever find out when that is lol....... well then i came home and talked to mom for a while then came in here and got online and talked ot Trista some more lol.... and talked ot Shaina even tho she Stoped talking to me i should be used to that by now lol... and i also talked ot Eric... but he left me .... he best be coming back tho like he said or im gonna go up there and kick his butt i aint joking........... well im gonna get a going im tired of writin cause not many even read it so there aint a point lol

Much Love and God Bless
Kimberly Dawn
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