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unbleachedblond (profile) wrote,
on 7-7-2005 at 7:27pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: wait (whisper song)
aaron came over last nite. i havent talked to him in a couple weeks. i miss the kid. he wanted to tell me that him and vinny had signed up for the marines - 8 years...5 active, 3 inactive. why does everyone have to leave? the leave in february. i guess aaron will be goin to the front lines. that makes me sad. i like the kid. i always will. but it was good to see him again. i had a happy birthday.

they sent me home from work today cuz my eye was still pink. im not contagious anymore and it doesnt look nearly as bad. thats ok tho...i didnt feel like workin anyways.

im gunna go find sumthin to do - cya.
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