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misskriss516 (profile) wrote,
on 7-11-2005 at 4:00pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: silence is golden at the moment..
Subject: great day to bE alive
Not much went on Saturday, really. I slept in til f o r e v er ! (Saturdays have GOT to be the MOST beautiful day of the week!) I just lounged around the house doing absolutely NOTHING and loved every minute of it!!! And then, when Ben got home from kicking camp in Cleveland I drove over there and we went to dinner with his daddy. (Boston Beanery- that place is actually NOT too bad!) We just layed around the rest of the night, being incredibly lazy (well, I was being lazy, but Ben was exhausted from getting no sleep.. since we didnt get done playing poker until 2:30 on Friday night and had to get up Saturday morning at 5 am.) So-- we layed around and both fell asleep and I didn't wake up to 2:30 late Saturday night (or Sunday morning, I suppose).

--SUNDAY: After I got home from Ben's I went back to sleep until 9ish, and then got up, showered and got ready for a funfilled day of sun, swimming, and boating with Mamma Pop, Josh, and Benjamin. We left and went up to Yough Lake, where Ben's cousin's have a cottage and a speedboat and pontoon boat. It was an absolute blast! Aside from the fact that we sorta, kinda broke down in the speedboat (apparently, Dan is NOT a very good boat driver! J/K!) It ended up being something small that needed done and we were able to take the boat back on the water (after taking almost an HOUR to haul it with the pontoon boat). Ben and I (and Matt) went tubing. One word=OUCH! Ok, it did definitely hurt a little being tossed around like rag dolls because the water was so damn choppy (and plus, I could not hold on to save my life!)-- but it was so much fun though! While we were "stranded" we did a little swimming too. The water was soo nice! The only downside to the day was that after all was said and done I ended up being as red as a cherry tomato (no joke), but there's even an upside to THAT-- i'll be nice and tan EVENTUALLY (hopefully??), aww yeah!

--TODAY: Today, nothing whatsoever eventful has happened, but its still early! *wink wink* I woke up and went to work at the most ungodly hour of 5:30. (Oh how i LOVE that, lettt meee telll ya!) Work was decent though-- I got a good few sets of crunches in while I was scrubbing down the walls! (Now, that is what I call multi-tasking!) Hmm-- oh yeah, I broke one of those HUGE industrial light bulbs today. That was nice and loud. Good thing it was an old one! Maybe I'm not exactly cut out for that job, being that I'm the most clumsy person to ever walk the earth! The day went fast though. Now I'm going to eat some dinner, head over ben's (its very ROUTINE these days..ha!) and then go running at Junior High West, while Ben kicks some fieldgoals.

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