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silentcriez (profile) wrote,
on 7-13-2005 at 12:25am
i waited all night for you to call
but it seems that you dont care at all
the street lights they blind your eyes
you gotta get away from this place
so you took your car and you drove to the city
stayed a while before you find
that the lights drown out the stars
and you gotta get out gotta get away again
so you get up and leave
you get up and drive away to a town so small
and the rural hills and empty skies
they pass the time so quickly by
did you never notice?
did you never care?
that i missed you when you werent there
you gotta get out gotta make it on your own
you aint got no home no place to be
except for here with me
driving aimlessly can drive you insane
you have nobody but your own self to blame
but again you find yourself driving alone
and its not the speed
its not the time
its not any place you could drive to
cuz youll never be happy
youll never be satisfied...
so you take your car
and your driving away again
if you want to get away so bad
then why do your lights find you here again?
if you want to leave this town then go
nobody gonnas hold you back, no
your roads always winding
and your hearts always finding
you back here with me
back heres where you need to be
so take your car
and take all teh time you need
just promise me youll come back to me


youve opened up my mind
youve opened up my eyes
and now i see the truth
which used to hide behind the lies

i see what i thought we were
and i see where we are today
and im amazed that we stuck through it all
through each and every change

im glad we didnt let it go
whatever it was we had
i needed to feel you in me
more than you knew i wanted you bad

as time rolled on
your visions changed
and you see me as something more
does it ever feel strange?

when you touch me i feel beautiful
i feel like im the only one
and i dont care if im blinded by this
like im staring at the sun

ill remain numb
while you eat me away
and ill be conent
youll never hear me say

that i want you gone
or i want it to end
because on your kisses
i do depend

so i wonder what lies ahead
as im thinking of the past
was it just a teasing game
or is it built to last

whats to happen when you go
will you leave without a trace
will you call me will you write
will u even remember my name

i want to be with you
wherever you are
no matter how close
no matter how far

so take me with you
when you leave
ill be like the buttons
on you sleeve

ill hold you together
when you want to fall appart
when your feeling empty
ill be the beating in your heart

and you can have me
whenever you like
ill take the beating
when lightning strikes

ill be your service
ill be your slave
just promise me a place
in your heart to stay

crimson tears from a stoic heart
are the sweetest form of love
and when the storms come which they will
ill stick with you though it may be tough

just ask me and im telling you
ill do whatever i can
just take me with you take my heart
and hold tightly to my hand


lonliness is like a disease healed by only love and compassion. its like nothing is good enough when your alone, like nothing could go right. and then you taste the kiss of a lover. you take a hit of this drug, this drug which numbs your pain. your suddenly euphoric and need to taste this drug again and again. at the beggining is exciting its new its something youve never felt before. and then you take it so much you become dependant on the feeling. you need that constant high, you need that comfort and reassurance. so you feind for it, and you obsess. days go by and you havent had your dose you havent tasted your kiss, you begin to go crazy. withdrawls of emotions are the hardest to bear. then finally you hold what youve wanted in your hands and you cherish it. little by little you use up your drug and your bottle is empty. you now feind for a new taste something stronger something more substantial and all thats there is your terminable high and it begins to wear off. your body pains once again.. and nothing is solved.. nothing can help you.. except for a new drug. a new kiss. and the cycle begins again..
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