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pinkicing11 (profile) wrote,
on 7-13-2005 at 2:10am
Current mood: tired
Music: [Lifehouse ... You And Me]
Subject: WOWOWOW!

So, tonight was rather interesting. Me and mom got ina fight, Sarah came and rescued me...we went to the mall and shopped then ate, then I worked 5-9 which was really sucky. I hate the mall, when I gots to work. I got text messages upon text messages before I went in finding out Corey (that a-hole...j.k!) got his liscense and that his mom was taking him right then to buy a 2005 Honda Civic. Yeah. He came to DQ at 9 and was like OMG come outside and look at my car. It is so nice...i'm so jealous, and he's so's funny. He's like you won't hate me so bad when you sit in it or drive it will you?! LOL. Anyway, later - Joe, Sarah & Nicole came down and we all went out. Not going into details. We ended up having to drive Corey home and mom gave me this shitty curfew of 11:30...which I don't understand, when before it was like whenever. I think she's just mad because i'm not with Cody and she's taking it out on me. I can't flippin help it...gawd. Well, I didn't get home til 12, and she got all ticked. I had called her 2 times, since 11 though so, I don't see what the big deal was. I woulda been home sooner but Corey and Sarah were thirsty so we had to go thru McDonald's and we were there for almost 15 minutes. YA. For a sprite and a powerade, lol. Then they ended up not having to pay for it because the guy in the drive thru window was like punchin a buncha crap in the register and was like "It f*cked up, just don't worry about it" they got em for free. Pretty Niiiiice! LOL. I have so much fun with them...even though I was all jittery cause of mom. They were all extremely understanding though....more than I had expected. Fun-ness to hang out with. I just wish I wasn't such a party pooper! Ben, Alan & Darrell, maybe others may go out with us one night here in the next few weeks. I can't wait...hopefully mom don't go all psycho on me then, too. Ugh...Oh yeah, my brothers fiance asked me tonight if I would be a bridesmaid in their wedding. I was like OMG, ofcourse! haha. I wish they'd hurry up and get married...this engagement has been going on for 2 years now!
I have to work tomorrow 5-9 once again. That is terrible! GAGS! But i'm supposta get visits that will make my day like 10 times better. Things would be SO awesome right now if mom would stop being so uptight. I just don't get it. Hmm...I can't wait for Charlie & The Chocolate Factory to come out, I want to see it so bad. I dunno why. I'm a geek! HAHA.
Oh yeah, the song I am listenin to was dedicated to me, last night. YAY! haha. I'm special!!!!! ha. I'm out y'all.

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