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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 7-14-2005 at 9:53am
Music: Sideways by Citizen Cope
Subject: (......) I AM MVP, MAKE ME brother
- The dots above in the subject stands for a bad word)
Hello, Don't know why I am writing anything here, but you will be happy to see I am using spell check in my Google tool bar, so hopefully i wont annoy you with my wonderful attempts at spelling elementary words! But OK, my mom and i went yesterday to buy a car, which we will be picking up on Friday! Its the same car we have, I like it, the color is crazy dark blue but it doesn't have a spoiler i am pissed about that. while we were buying this car it was raining so the sales guy did his whole routine in the car. This lady smacked the shit out of her face with her car door, her hair flew everywhere and she dropped her notebook. I laughed so hard I thought iIwas bad. The guy selling us the car like ducted down behind the seal b/c he pointed and laughed at her and her husband saw him. He was cracking up. Then he told this story about at waitress falling! A man after my own heart....too bad he is married. Yesterday was just one of those days. Then on the way home some ass in a truck almost ran us off the road. That was very scary b/c he would of taken out the entire passenger side of our car...then we couldn't get our new car or i would be dead. Crazy ass. Yesterday I almost beat the crap out of the movie store worker. She was going to stand there and argue with me, So I left. Not much more to say. My brother is in ATL (aka hot-Lanta) for work. He called at like 11:30 with this bluegrass playing in the background.....I couldn't even hear him, being a true dummy. but that's Ray!
I am going to go work it out.
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