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talithe (profile) wrote,
on 7-14-2005 at 5:04pm
Subject: Sasha was her Name-O
I'm watching Jonathan's mildly retarded puppy and decided to freak it out by playing dog, wolf, and cat audios [found here]. I played cat audios because Jon's cat, Anubis, always beats her up. The cat hissing audios really bothered her the most, not surprisingly. She was looking around for Anubis, too, which I thought was amusing.

Since she has no food Jonathan told me to give her treats while teaching her the basics: sit and stay. I called her 'mildly retarded' because she doesn't grasp concepts. I know she's a puppy but that's the best time to train animals, and now that she's getting treats for doing these commands she only does them now to receive a treat. She won't even listen to commands, she just goes up to you and sits then waits for a treat. It actually annoys me. I keep thinking to myself, "She's no Sasha." Sasha was the smartest dog I ever knew -- ours. We rescued her from a local pound and she was able to learn sit, stay, lay down, crawl, shake/paw, roll over, up (get up on her hind legs), and we were last trying to teach her to bark on command (speak). But the mystery of what happened to her was never figured out. Her only problem was no discipline. I guess we were too busy praising her for how smart she was we couldn't input some discipline. That, and she'd continually break her chains and leashes and bother the neighbor's dog (a fifth her size) and amazingly she'd practice some role-reversal and hump the poor thing. But both dogs didn't seem to mind. Odd. I wish she was still with us, she was the coolest dog. I named her Sasha after an actress on a vampire series out at the time.
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