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tinaker (profile) wrote,
on 7-14-2005 at 6:34pm
Subject: I sure don't mind a change.. 'cause I fell on black days.
Some interesting news. I know it's been ages since I last posted on this journal, mainly because it was for Lost Legends and with my last post everything seemed lost. Today Salius gives me word that he found an old ass copy of Lost Legends -- about mid-2002. Better yet, that I can work on that instead of LoE. Which I absolutely intend to.

I need to refine my search for some old LL notepad logs of changes I was making during that time and after. I had notepad files of complete area descriptions I never put in-game.. my inconvenient desire to put everything out at once instead of changing one room at a time.

I'll start with Charlton. Rework descriptions (in fact, I intend to completely redo them. I'm even considering changing streetname and/or the filenames.) Hard work ahead, but I am so fucking willing to go through all the way on this one. I want to be fucking satisfied with Charlton before I do anything else.

Rooms -- Go through all room descriptions, starting with the streets. Possible renaming and editing exits, add more features, change add_item to match descriptions, add chats for any sights of interest nearby.
NPCs -- Re-balance them to suit town, add more denizens, add more inventory and clothing (randomize a lot of their inventory for the time being). Considering removing QNPCs for the time being. All the work I intend to do for Charlton, I don't yet know which quests I want to alter.
Quests -- A lot of the quests in Charlton are down with Newbieland's difficulty, which I intend to provide more searching, or more skill usage to accomplish. Alter current quests. This includes QNPC chats (adding more options when a player asks them about the quest -- more player friendly) and possible rewards.

All I have planned right now. Hopefully I won't post too much more during this time.
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