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pinkicing11 (profile) wrote,
on 7-15-2005 at 1:18am
Current mood: bitchy
Music: [Hawthorne Heights ... The Transition]
Subject: Don't read this unless you're extremely bored... know? Today was interesting. LOL. Not really. I got up at like 11 and got ready to go to the FFA was over by 1 so I came back home went to sleep and got up at 2-3? and took a shower and got ready for work. Me and Sarah got to the mall at like 4 (she had to take some stuff back) and ended up runnin into Joe and Corey because they had to work too and were down there. So we walked around for a bit and they had guitars sitting out in Sam Goody and Corey went in there and played some of you and me =] he was playin that thing with his bare fingers, he said he don't even have feeling in those fingers anymore that he uses to play with but anyway, he was really good. I was proud...people were around n I was like 'I KNOW HIM!' haha. Well Joe left and it was like ten til so, we walked with Sarah to pee and when we were outside Corey was fiddlin around with his lil leather ae bracelet and i'm like that's awesome n pretty, I like it! and he took it off and put it on me...haha. So now I have his bracelet. It's really cool looking...plain but good. Then I went to work. HA. Yeah, umm. While I was working he brought me his Hawthorne Heights CD to borrow which I totally love! I have been listening to it since I got home. should go out and buy it, right now. hahaha. I'm suprised I like it as well as I do. After we got off work, me and Sarah went to Bob Evans to see Ben but it sucked cause we only got to talk to him for like 2 minutes. SO...worthless, really. My soup didn't taste right and Sarah's grilled cheese had too much cheese. It's cool though. We went and talked to Joe at Arby's for a few then came home. Yeah...and here I am, sittin here bored, not able to sleep - nothin new. Don't gotta work tomorrow, gots to work 12-6 Saturday tho. I think I may go see a movie sometime over the weekend. Ahh, who knows what i'll get into. We're going to Kings Island next week but amazingly, i'm not looking forward to it one bit. I dunno who's even going.
Some things are still on my mind. Well, things that have taken place in the previous year or two. But, I DO think it's going away for the simple fact that my parents have been very unsupportive of my feelings on it lately, i'm so mad at the situation, so i'm trying to avoid it. I've thought of checking up, but...i'm learning to let go. Something I gotta do, I think it's working so far. I've had some help. Go me...*dances*
Well i'm outta here, gonna go watch some TV or something. I don't know! NIGHT!

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