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LoupGarou (profile) wrote,
on 7-15-2005 at 10:33pm
Current mood: excited
Music: Tainted World - D'espairsRay
Subject: Motto motto tension
Doooody doody! -twitch- you know what I realized a bit ago? I think in my icon the "Abel" is spelled wrong. I typed it in to google to see if it would correct me, and the silly thing didn't. Aw, pooper scoopers.

I really should be working on this wallpaper thingy for my friend. I'm still not super good at them, but I'm happy with what I can do so far.

Today I'm going to be a Harry Potter geek and go to Barnes and Noble at midnight. Chyaa, man! Plus hopefully I'll also be able to buy Angel Sanctuary #7. Muuaha! Evil side plots!

I restarted that Fruits Basket RPG I was running on greatestjournal from last summer. So far we have more characters, but are lacking in a Kyou O.o. Does anyone here know of someone who might want to play a character, if they are a Fruits Basket fan?

Ah, time to bid thee farewell! Apologies for the short and pointless update.

Ta ta!
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