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talithe (profile) wrote,
on 7-16-2005 at 3:39am
Subject: Never buy anything off an Ex.
A lot of headache-inducing shit has been on my mind since the other night I looked up my computer's specs. I suppose I never bothered to because I trusted the guy who sold me it.. well, pretty much everything he told me was bullshit. I was supposed to have 5-10 hour battery life, so he said, which I don't. I was supposed to have 20-40GB of hard drive, so he said, which I also don't. He claimed I had DDR RAM, well it's actually SD-RAM. I also was said to have 64-128MB of DDR video.. try 8MB of video RAM. A 1.4GHz processor.. nope, 1.1GHz is more correct.

I learned I had shit graphics, crap video, and poor audio. But, I do have an optional expansion RAM module, which I do intend to use. And I do intend to upgrade my hard drive. That's approximately a $175+ task. Not too bad at all. Meh.
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