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silentcriez (profile) wrote,
on 7-16-2005 at 11:58am
idk i guess im stupid for thinking anything would come of it.. im crazy for getting in so deep.. but i mean i believed what he said when i honestly asked.. gr.. i just dont want him to leave i dont want to be a memory.. but i guess its selfish of me to hodl him back from what he wants to do.. so i guess i couldnt and he wouldnt stay for me anyways..

i dont know its times liek this that drive me insane i think and think and question and wonder and i never stop and enjoy today.. im too caught up in what could happen or what has happened to even enjoy the moment im in..

was that all it was.. no strings attatched? hm... i must have been pretty stupid if thats really all it was.. i dont know what im talking about
i dont know what im gonna do
i dont know where im sposed to go
i dont know where im at..
im insane..
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