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danibean (profile) wrote,
on 7-17-2005 at 11:51pm
Current mood: sad

i hate this feeling...i wish it didn't exist

i miss my friends
i miss chad, dan, tyler m, ryan j, and all the pizza boys, and kyle and erica and keegan and becky and andrea all my cast family. i miss being on the stage. and h...and drama class and being a clown and loving every moment lived.

aodljlgjaldjg..........i hate that i'll never get to feel the feelings i had again....ever....a new chapter, but never going back one to read it again and feel it again. ugh........

don't boys know how to freakin call or type!? i guess not....geez

shopping tomorrow with mama....i miss her so much, and i see her every day. how am i going to move away from her????? tomorrow will be grand...and beans and jessie at night and reminising and giggles and fun....

farm....yay.......maybe i'll see everyone at the farm and be able to linger a little longer

mmhmm i want to linger mmhmm a little longer a little longer here with you
mhmm it's such a perfect night, mhmm it doesn't seem quite right that it's my last night here with you
aww shit...i can't remember the rest...where is katherine johns when you need her??? me out here....

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