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misskriss516 (profile) wrote,
on 7-18-2005 at 5:49pm
Current mood: chipper
Music: whatevers on mtv, ya know.
Subject: foreveR isn't long enough.
--APOLOGiES: Whoa, it's been far too long since I've last written [my deepest apologies!]. But for my defense, being a working girl doesn't leave much time for well... A N Y T H I N G! Ahh.. But whatev, i like cash! So, I'll try to write a little more, REGULARLY, from now on. [No promises though!]

--THE PAST WEEK: Hmm?? A total blur to be perfectly honest! Obviously I had nothing to bitch or complain about, because otherwise I would have graced woohu's presence a little quicker, right? Life is... beautiful as always. Ben and I have been getting along amazingly and you KNOW i'm loving that!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH-- its ridiculous! I mean, we probably had our "moments" but we dont even bother with the retarded nonsense of fighting these days-- its completely NOT worth it! Can you tell that I'm -iNsaNeLy- happy with my boyfriend & "us" nowadays?! He just always finds ways to amaze me, still-- with his sweetness, his dorkiness, OR his unpredictableness. It's so bizarre but I swear that he just becomes more and more GORGEOUS to me every single day I'm with him. And YES, ladies&gentleman, this is after almost THREE years of being together ...[with lots of UPS and DOWNS, of course!]... But, I swear to the LORD, I'm keepin this one foreverrr.
Nothing too exciting to really write kinda takes the excitement out of these dwindling SUMMER days. I'm sure Ben and I played some poker, which I'm pretty sure he won [to the tune of $55, whatta hustler my boyfriend is!] Um, besides that... works been, WORK. I've never done so many different TASKS in all my life. All I do is run from one end of the building to the other. [Ya'll know what the means... EXERCISE, aw yeah!!] Ben started his job too, finally. Now, I won't see my BOYTOY until 8oclock at night.. boo on jobs! It'll give me good practice for dreaded football camp come August though [gay coaches think those boys need to stay focused on FOOTBALL & not girls.. what is THAT??]
I'll sooooo love the weekends so much more though-- quality time, yay! Ohh--yesterday I went with my SECOND family [mamma pop, josh and benjamin] to do a little shopping, check out a car, and... mm, mm, mmm.. EAT AT THE OLiVE GARDEN! Oh baaaabbbbyyy!! I just love that place. And, after that we [as in, my benjamin&i ] stopped over at the GRAMMY MORRIS residence. *jawdrop* Yes, they actually brought their retired asses down from the campground for a whole night, just to see their FAVORITE granddaughter!! Ok, they probably wanted to see Ben, more than me, since they LOVE HIM more and all-- but its all good. Of course, we played cards. And of course, Benjamin added yet ANOTHER tally to his monumentous lead in Hand&Foot-- what a friggin brat!! And, NOONE added a tally for Shanghai...the old timers [none other than my dear g-rents] tied for 1st place [weird, right?] and ben and i tied for SECOND place [yes, double weird, i know!] Well, I'm gonna have to leave ya for now, because it is now 6:11 and 89% of my body is covered in paint from work & its humid out so I'm soooo hittin the shower before my -honey- gets his behind here! And then, who knows what we'll be up to. Nick wants to play some poker tonight... so maybe we'll hit that up.

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