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mle (profile) wrote,
on 7-18-2005 at 11:45pm
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. oh no, here we go again .

just got off the phone with him.
that's right - instead of going to gravity monday w/ the boys from work, (like i've been meaning to for years) i called ken to confirm his discount, since i'm about to drop $60 at target. ended up talking for... 3 hrs or so.
i haven't talked to someone on the phone for that long in a very long time. like, i've done over an hour w/ marcus a couple dozen times, and i used to that much w/ mark (WAY back in the day), but i haven't talked for more than 20 min on the phone to anyone in a very long time. especially boys that were not my boyfriend. idk if that's ever happened, to be honest.
i am ridiculous.
in a good way this time.

literally, just as soon as i had thought i was just about to the point of "ok, he's not into me, i can focus on his flaws and just make it through the year being his sidekick in sfl and be fine with it", he comes back into the picture.
and i can't help but get sucked back in with his monotone sarcasm/teasing, analysis of mutual friends, and endless chatter.

i just can't get over how great of a guy he is. like, he's totally down to earth and respects/appreciates a lot of the same things i do. like everything from being fiscally liberal (politics) to workaholic to people watching. and it's refreshing. in his own little way, he is amazing.
and tonight made me realize he's a lot more like marcus than i had originally thought. sure, they're both financially independant, and have dark hair. but i mean, he refers to himself as an "eco-friendly conservative" and is also a feminist... marcus is a total feminist, pro-life hippie.

god i love feminists. :)
espeically feminist men.

"hey, i take my babies and women very seriously"


and the only word i can manage is *smile*
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